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The building that has 10,000 m2 housing space consists of basement-ground floor and 5 floors. This building has 66,500 m2 closed area in total. There are 450 garage parks that 300 of them are indoor and 150 of them are outdoor garages. The prime data for hospital design was the land slope. Polyclinic approach and hospital were designed in upper elevation; the emergency room was planned in bottom elevation to provide the transportation. The upper surface of main entrance platform in upper elevation was emphasized by covering large eaves; roof lights were used for some of the spaces. This platform also acts as eaves for emergency entrance in bottom elevation. Diagnosis block is between patient bed and polyclinic blocks because of both internal and external patient use. Patient bed block was planned in land’s southwestern part that has the view and lowest elevation at the same time. The day rooms that were planned in ground floors of the bed services in all the floors were designed so as to provide psychological support at maximum for the patient and patient relative by the view and sunlight use. External patient, internal patient, visitor and personnel flows were separated in unit zoning via horizontal and vertical circulation.


Project Year : 2013

Project Location : Edirne-TURKIYE

Construction Area : 60.000sqm

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