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Elazığ Integrated Health Campus with 1038 beds capacity as well as is composed of 3 buildings as the Main Hospital, Oral and Dental Health Center and TSB. This health campus locates on 262.000 m2 area. Main Hospital consists of a diagnosis block in center and 3 bed towers each with 3 arms. The building consists of three different branch hospitals as the General, Woman&Child and Psychiatry. Polyclinics in main entrance elevation and top floor of the hospital were analyzed; separate entrance was planned for Woman and Child branch hospital. Emergency room was analyzed independently of the hospital traffic; vertical and horizontal circulation components were associated to diagnosis-treatment departments. Personnel, patient and visitor separation was considered in transportation to the building; external patient, internal patient, visitor and personnel flows were separated in unit zoning via horizontal and vertical circulation in building; circulation conflicts have been avoided as well. Tower bed floors in building front were degraded from base mass as both the material and color. Concept project was built by HWP; final and application projects were performed by our company.

Construction Project :Selda Gümüşdograyan Architecture Co.


Project Year : 20182015

Project Location : Elazıg-TURKIYE

Construction Area : 300.000sqm

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