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The health campus that was planned as with 1,100 beds and was designed as General Hospital with 350 beds, Gynaecology and Children’s hospital with 350 beds, Oncology Hospital with 200 beds, Cardiovascular Hospital with 200 beds with Education blocks. The main entrance was planned at first flow, visitor circulation was separated. Polyclinics were planned on first and ground floors of all Patient Bed towers. Separate entrances were offered on the first floor for each of the blocks in terms of external patient circulation. The emergency room was planned in a different elevation apart from the hospital traffic. Personnel, patient, and visitor separation were considered in transportation to the building; external patient, internal patient, visitor and personnel flows were separated in unit zoning via horizontal and vertical circulation in the building; circulation conflicts have been avoided as well. Vertical and horizontal circulation components were zoned in different zones as Patient, Visitor, Personnel, and Service. Mechanic area solutions that were placed in final stages because of being a health facility were also used as an architectural design item by holding that solution in building fronts at third dimension. Sunlight use is one of the most important design input in establishing the plan schema.

Architectural Project:Selda Gümüşdograyan Architecture Co.

Employer :-

Project Year : 2016-2015

Project Location : TURKEY

Construction Area : 295.000sqm

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