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The structure that is on 10,000 m2 area in Ankara was designed as a Training and Research Hospital. Two parallel blocks fit landform were planned; a galleried and bridge crossing atrium was offered between them. Atrium disconnects the hospital and training functions and links them at the same time. Polyclinics are downstairs, diagnosis and treatment departments upstairs in front block. The areas of training so as to be different classes in each of the floors were designed in the parallel rear block. Training entrance between two parallel blocks was planned from the upper elevation by utilizing from the land slope. Hospital entrance is at the intersection of base and bed block from the bottom elevation. The emergency was divided into the foot and car traffic and located in the rear block. Patient bed block soars on the base mass as 12 floors. External patient, internal patient, visitor and personnel flows were separated in unit zoning via horizontal and vertical circulation; circulation conflicts have been avoided. Tower bed floors were separated from the base mass as both color and material in the facade.


Architectural Project:Selda Gümüşdograyan Architecture Co.

Employer : -

Project Year : 2014 - 2013

Project Location : Ankara-TURKIYE

Construction Area : 35.000sqm

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