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The backyard was projected to gather patient and visitor entrances on a single point. Vertical and horizontal circulation components were offered around this backyard as transparent. Diagnosis block was located between polyclinic and patient bed block. Patient bed block views the forestland in the east direction. The building finishes with shells that use and comment the gaps offered for mechanic groups as an architectural language. Personnel, patient and visitor separation is considered in transportation to the building. External patient, internal patient, visitor and personnel flows were separated in unit zoning via horizontal and vertical circulation; circulation conflicts have been avoided. It is aimed to benefit from sunlight at maximum by courtyards and tears opened in roof slab for spatial and psychological comfort. Belonging, privacy, and guidance were used as the crucial design input in indoor and outdoor perception. The areas such as clinic, sickroom, short stay unit that is used by the patient were planned so as to benefit from sunlight. Indoor and outdoor perception were integrated by planning the gallery gap at the hospital entrance with entrance canopy.


Project Year : 2009

Project Location : Kırsehir-TURKIYE

Construction Area : 42.000sqm

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