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   The general hospital with 200 beds that was planned on 32.520 m2 area in the east of DHI-QAR consists of two blocks as Sickbed and Diagnosis. Polyclinics were planned in the basement of Patient Bed Block; each of the clinics was located so as to get sunlight. Radiology that is in Diagnosis block was analyzed in the same floor with Polyclinic in terms of External Patient Circulation. Radiology was planned on the east side of Emergency Diagnosis block as well as connected as internal patient circulation with surgery room, intensive care unit, and Patient Beds. The cafeteria was designed on the entrance alley so as to be used as both Hospital entrance and Polyclinics. Vertical and Horizontal circulation components were planned in different zones so as not to mix Patient, Visitor, Personnel and Service relations. Diagnosis and Bed block that is also different as functional were differentiated as gabarite, material, color and design approach

Architectural Project:Selda Gümüşdograyan Architecture Co.

Employer : NUHOGLU Inc.

Project Year : 2015 - 2014

Project Location : DHI-QAR-IRAK

Construction Area : 30.000sqm

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