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Training and Research hospital with 500 beds was built as staging without interfering to the structure in existing health campus area and without avoiding the operation of the system. The starting point of design decision is main Circulation  Avenue in the southwest-northeast direction in the campus area and existing Hospital Building’s protection. The hospital that was offered as staging is composed of Patient Bed and Diagnosis blocks designed as modular on the backbone. Hospital linear progression schema that started as 200 beds reached 800-bed capacity. This progression allows for the improvement of General Hospital as well as allows for its continuity as a branch hospital. The modular blocks offered to enable it to be planned as a branch hospital by providing the entrance from the block selected by means of main avenue and park area. The simple fiction and repetition in plan schema express itself as an architectural language in the third dimension. Entrance block was emphasized and also differentiated from other blocks as the material, color and design approach.


Architectural Project:Selda Gümüşdograyan Architecture Co.

Employer : -

Project Year : 2016 - 2015

Project Location : Libya

Construction Area : 80.000sqm

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