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There is approximately 13 meters elevation difference at north-east and south-west directions on the land that has 97.562 m2 area and on the east of Manisa Province. Hospital, Polyclinic and Emergency room entrances were analyzed in different floors; thus, the circulation intense was balanced by dividing into different elevations. Polyclinics were planned in the basement and the first floors of T1 and T2 patient bed towers. Each of the clinics was placed so as to get the sunlight. The departments such as Radiology, Nuclear Medicine in diagnosis block were analyzed in the same floor with Polyclinic in terms of external patient circulation. Vertical and horizontal circulation components were planned in different zones as the Patient, Visitor, Personnel and the Service. Parking garage-1,674 cars capacity on 50.220 m2 area was offered as a separate block. The connection of parking garage was ensured with Hospital blocks from different floors. There are 156 polyclinics, 416 acute beds, 89 intensive care units, 37 newborn intensive care units, 10 PBW (pain-birth-woman after childbirth), 17 surgery rooms in the hospital with 558 beds.

Architectural Project:Selda Gümüşdograyan Architecture Co.

Employer : YDA Inc.

Project Year : 2017 - 2014

Project Location : Manisa-TURKIYE

Construction Area : 150.000sqm

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