The 300-bed Sami Ulus Children’s Hospital is planing to built in place of the existing hospital in Ankara-Altındağ. The inadequacy of the existing hospital structure in the face of changing technology and needs is main factors in the planning of this hospital. The hospital, which has a closed area of 83,000 m², is designed as a basement, sub-floor, ground and 9 floors with a ground floor of 11,500 m².

People’s first perception of the place and their other feelings that come with the atmosphere of the place affect human psychology in a significant way. The quality of the space is crucial, especially in buildings such as hospitals, where users are hesitant to come. In the design project of Dr. Samı Ulus Children’s Health and Diseases Hospital, a design has been planned, especially considering the age group that the building addresses. The general design is intended to appeal to the user with the colours, materials and volumes. The same design language is used on the exterior as well.

Based on the child mentality, the colorful design concept at the entrance of the hospital was used in all spaces and facades. In order to increase the sense of belonging and to make patients and their relatives feel more comfortable and safe. So, privacy has an important role in design. Color choices throughout the hospital are shaped on the theory of “biophilia”. Biophilia theory argues that natural elements such as daylight and natural color tones reduce stress, accelerate the healing process and have positive effects in pain control. Based on the theory of biophilia, the colors used in the hospital were chosen to reference nature. Warm and natural tones are used in areas where the patient needs to feel as comfortable as possible, such as Intensive Care Rooms and Consultation Rooms. The patterns to be applied on the surfaces throughout the hospital have been determined as the stylized and articulated forms of nature elements in a way that references the biophilia theory. The major criteria is to create an environment where children and their relatives will feel comfortable.

T.C. Ministry Of Health
Ankara / Turkey
83,000 sqm
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