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Private Hospital with 150 beds capacity was planned in İstanbul and designed as a monoblock building on 8.000 m2 area. Sickbed block was planned westwards so as to see the view by receiving controlled sunlight. Entrance surface was emphasized by making pellucid in the structure that has pretty clear plan traffic. Atrium that is the main emphasis of the project was planned behind this surface. Atrium which is the area with peak patient and visitor circulation generates the structure identity with height, guidance and design mentality. At the same time, the cafeteria that is in entry front is another design emphasis with its different geometry. External patient, internal patient, visitor and personnel flows were separated in unit zoning via horizontal and vertical circulation in building; circulation conflicts have been avoided. Belonging, privacy and guidance were used as the crucial design input in indoor and outdoor perception. The areas such as clinic, sickroom, short stay unit that are used by the patient was planned so as to benefit from sunlight at maximum for spatial and psychological comfort.

Architectural Project:Selda Gümüşdograyan Architecture Co.

Employer : -      

Project Year : 2017

Project Location : Istanbul-TURKIYE

Buildng Area : 40.000 sqm

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